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01 about

Hi. I'm Cambrin, a passionate designer and digital workplace enthusiast employing creativity, technology, and ergonomics to communicate efficiently. I'm seasoned in corporate brand, digital, print, and interactive design, CMS management, and stakeholder collaboration with a specialty in employee experience platforms.  I'm focused on using channel and engagement strategy to generate business results and drive employee participation and pride. I strongly believe that connected and engaged employees are more productive, enhance company-wide collaboration, and provide cultural alignment leading to a satisfied workforce and organizational success. My extensive design experience merged with internal communication knowledge has cultivated a unique skillset that I am eager to share.

02 employee engagement platforms

I've managed implementation of enterprise digital tools and processes and owned intranet strategy and engagement campaigns to connect, inform, and engage employees for both a 125 year old recognition company and global, remote-first tech company. 




Launched and led the adoption and engagement of Twilio's first intranet for 8,500 employees, globally. 




Led the design, implementation, training, and content creation and migration to a modern digital workplace for Maritz built on Unily. 

03 design

Designing across many mediums with diverse design experience in several creative environments has allowed me to scale my portfolio along with my creative, communication, and technical skills. I've designed graphics and presentations for C-suite executives for company-wide town halls, brought experiences to life with on-campus events, created long standing design systems, and launched dozens of interactive brand aligned websites for vastly different markets and organizations.

04 creative outlet

Creativity spans well past 9-5. I’m zealous about all forms of creative thinking and thoroughly appreciate design systems and the design process. Art, photography, stationary, and interior design have become personal hobbies of mine. My brain thrives on feeding it inspiration and beautifully designed aesthetics.

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